Real Estate Loan Application Gillette, WY

Here’s a general list of items you will need to gather to be prepared when getting your home loan in Gillette, WY:

Real Estate Loan Application Gillette, WY

• I.D. & S.S. Cards

• All paystubs for the last 30 days• 3 mos. bank stmts. for all accounts

• Most current stmt. for any retirement & investment type accts.

• Complete tax returns for previous 2 yrs. including all schedules, W2′s and 1099′s

• YTD profit & loss stmt. & balance sheets needed for self-employed borrowers

• Copies of rental agreements if you own rental properties

• Documentation supporting other income such as S.S. award letter, Child Support court order &/or Divorce Decree as well as proof of 12 mo. payment history which can be obtained from Child Supp. Auth.

• 2 yr. job history along with start/end dates of employment for each employer & each employers address & phone #
• 2 yr. physical address history along with all landlords names, addresses & phone #’s
• Any divorce decree or bankruptcy discharge paperwork from the last 10 yrs.
• Closing stmt. from any property you may be selling prior to buying your new home• Name & Phone # of your Insurance Agent that you will be using

• Copy of your purchase agreement if you are buying a home

• Copy of your DD214 if you’re applying for a VA loan

***Disclosure – By filling out the application below and typing in your name, you are agreeing to electronic submission of your signature on this loan application and consenting to a credit check by Michele Realty, Inc. or one of her assigned affiliates.***

Real Estate Loan Application Gillette, WY

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